We offer statutory filing services that cover the following areas:

Income tax

  • Income tax computation based on investment declaration
  • Investment proof verification at the year-end and recomputation of IT
  • Online payment of statutory dues
  • Quarterly e-TDS (Form 24)
  • Form 16 and Form 12BA at year-end
  • Filing of revised of eTDS returns

Provident Fund

  • A/c opening, Nomination & Transfer for new joinees.
  • Filing of monthly returns of Form 5, form 10, 12-A.
  • Filing of annual returns in 3A, 6A in March.
  • Help the employees in filling of form 10C, 13, 19 etc. for withdrawal/ Transfer of outgoing members
  • Death Case & Advances
  • Deposit all these returns with the PF commissioner.
  • Follow up for withdrawal/ transfer
  • Assist in procuring PF statements from RPFC
  • Attending periodical inspections

Labour Welfare Fund

  • Calculation and preparation of Half Yearly return.

Profession Tax

  • Calculation and preparation of monthly statement.


  • Calculation & preparation of monthly ESIC challan
  • Maintenance of form 7 in ESIC register on monthly basis
  • Preparation, verification and submission of
    • Form 3: Return of declaration along with declaration form 1 for each covered employee
    • Form 1A: Family declaration form
    • From 1B: Changes in family declaration form
    • Form 5: Return of contribution – half yearly return
    • Form 10: temporary disablement benefit form
    • Form 13, Form 14A and Form 12A: Claim of Benefits
    • From 15: Claim form for dependant’s benefit
    • Form 16: Accident Report from employer
    • Form 17: Dependant’s or funeral benefit
  • Follow up for settlement of Maternity Benefit in respect of women employees
  • Assistance in collection of temporary and permanent insurance cards