The Candidate Applicant Tracking System (CATS) is available as a stand alone module on MazaPagar, our full hosted HR Data and Payroll solution. It is a recruitment portal used by HR and recruitment managers in an organization. It allows recruiters to store applicant profiles, define requirements and job orders for departments and companies they service and keep track of the entire recruitment cycle.

Comprehensive Database

CATS serves as a permanent database to store applicant information such as skill, industry experience, location, preferences and other relevant details. Complex search criteria can be deployed to search for candidates with specific skills.

Process Tracking

CATS tracks candidates through the various stages of recruitment. A sample recruitment process will cover the various stages of the recruitment process, including – contact candidate, candidate responded, profile submission, scheduling for HR round, and scheduling for technical round, final round with HR head, offered and placed.

Job Postings Online

CATS can be integrated with the MazaPagar Intranet module and the careers page of your company’s website. Jobs posted in CATS are automatically visible on the careers page and candidates can apply against open positions. Resumes submitted by candidates get posted in the CATS database automatically.

  • Comprehensive recruitment portal
  • Permanent database of applicants with complex search functionality
  • Track candidates through the various stages of recruitment
  • Post job openings on the company intranet and website