The Performance Management Process (PMP) module of MazaPagar provides you with detailed employee performance information your managers need to retain, reward, and develop your best people. If required, MazaPagar can provide back end administrative support to manage and maintain the performance system, define and assign KPIs and define the appraisal period in the system.

PMP is extremely easy to set-up, execute and monitor. The intuitive user interface makes it very simple for employees, managers and HR to monitor performance.

MazaPagar PMP has the following features:

  • PMP can be set-up based on anniversary date reviews or a fixed period (annual) reviews.
  • Easy, engaging, focal reviews and 360-degree assessments expand performance insight and improve employee engagement and retention.
  • PMP allows KPIs to be defined for each grade or designation. These KPIs are assigned to individuals based on their grade / designation. The employee and the manager can also add specific KPIs for the individual, thus making the KPI setting more individualistic, whilst maintaining the standard KPIs required for the grade / designation.
  • The KPIs and appraisals are approved by the manager and are authorized by the 2UP manager. The appraisal also has to be confirmed by the employee prior to authorization. This ensures that the appraisal is unbiased and gets buy-in from all parties concerned.
  • At every stage, email alerts are sent to the employee and the manager, informing them of the progress and the action required.
  • Reporting is available to compare and rate employees across the same dimensions to identify high performers and potential future leaders.