The Time and Attendance module in MazaPagar enables tracking of employee attendance.

Seamless Integration

If required, the system can be integrated with electronic swipe card or bio-metric access systems installed in your organisation. The data can be automatically uploaded into the Time and Attendance module to enable company wide review of attendance. The data can be seamlessly imported into the Payroll software, eliminating the need for separate input to payroll. The system can also be linked to the Leave Management System to report exceptions and track leave balances.

Management Overrides

The HR manager can override the system attendance to mark people who are on outdoor duty, training etc. HR & Location managers can regularise any absences picked up by the system.


The following views are available in the Attendance System:

  • Employees – view their attendance, to check if it has been recorded correctly
  • Location Managers – view attendance of all/specific employees for a given period/date and regularise any absences
  • HR – view attendance of all/specific employees for a given period/date


  • Integration with swipe card and bio-metric access control systems
  • Integration with Time and Attendance modules
  • Integration with Payroll
  • Integration with Leave Management
  • Full management control
  • Online reports with secure tiered access